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White Chicken Breast: A Weight Loss Sham?

“Dr. Emran, if I have to eat one more dry, tasteless chicken breast, I think I’m going to shoot myself!”

Yup, a patient said that to me one day. It is a bit of a dramatic statement, but I’m willing to bet that you may have often felt the same way! Or you certainly know someone that has.

I had a freezer full of chicken breast one time, and no matter how I cooked them I always felt that it was just a dry, tasteless, and plain old boring piece of meat!

For a long time, we’ve been taught that the skinless chicken breast was the healthiest piece of meat. Well, I started doing a lot of research to figure out what healthy actually meant.

What I’ve found about chicken breast may surprise you!

The True Nutritional Value of Chicken Breast

My research showed that the chicken breast had a good amount of protein, but not much else. That’s right! It had the least amount of nutrition! So protein is important, but there are a lot of minerals and vitamins that are important too. And this is in addition to fat (yes, we need fat in a well-balanced diet!)

Everybody has probably gone through this rut eating the same thing over and over again. Having the variety is probably idea much better idea that consistently eating something tasteless with little nutritional value. Eat a chicken thigh with some skin on it. Or some chicken or beef or whatever. Just try to make sure what you eat has an adequate amount of nutritional value.

Chicken Breast Alternatives in High-Quality Foods

Ok, so your alternative foods should be high-quality foods! So look for organic and free-range foods. Think about it—chickens that can run around, eating grass and bugs are healthier happier chickens. The same goes for cows and other types of animals. And when we eat them, we gain those benefits!

So…you don’t have to punish yourself by giving up the flavorful parts of the chicken just to eat healthily. Eating healthy includes eating the right amount of protein AND the right amount of fat.

I hope that helps! Comment below and let me know if it did and if you’re ready to strike out from the tasteless chicken breast.

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Hi, Dr Emran here, the best-selling author of, Fast-track Your Health: The Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss, and Silence Your Fat Gene. And today, I wanted to share with you something that a patient of mine said at one point. She said, “Dr. Emran, if I have to eat one more dry tasteless chicken breast, I think I'm gonna shoot myself” and I bet you’ve probably thought that too or maybe you know somebody who had been eating chicken breasts all the time and this is the main staple food that they got around the house. And I believed this too for a long time, in fact, I had a freezer full of chicken breasts that were boneless, skinless, marinated in about 20 different ways, ready to go and no matter how I prepared them, no matter how I cooked them, no matter how I baked them, no matter how I grilled them, I always came away feeling like “oh my God, this is a dry piece of meat” and I didn't really feel happy and satisfied with it. And I did this for a long period of time because we were all taught that this was the healthiest piece of the chicken; this dry piece of breast, and you tear the skin off it and you eat it and that was the healthiest piece of the chicken.

Well, over time, I started doing a lot of research – me and a lot of the other doctors around me – have been doing a lot of research and reading a lot of articles on what actually constitutes ‘healthy’ because we're making recommendations to people and if we're going to be eating something, we got to make sure that it actually is healthy. And what we started finding was a lot of the evidence was coming down against the idea of this boneless skinless chicken breast. I mean, the least amount of nutrition is in the chicken breast. It has a lot of protein, that's true, but it doesn't contain a lot of other nutrients. And when we're talking about nutrition overall, we got to remember fat is absolutely important and there are a lot of minerals and vitamins and things like that that are important too. So, eating something that's tasteless, that's missing one of the most important nutrients, such as fat, isn't a great idea. And this is a struggle that a lot of people have gone through. Everybody's probably gone through these periods where they get into a rut and they're eating the same thing over and over again.

So, what we started realizing that having a little bit of variety, having something like the chicken thighs is probably a good idea; leaving the skin on is probably a good idea, but here's where it's important. Now, whether it's chicken, whether it's beef, whatever other kind of meat you're gonna eat, it's really important that not only are you having something with an adequate amount of protein and fat but that it's high-quality. What do I mean by that? Well, organic is one way to start guaranteeing quality but organic by itself doesn't really say a lot. Free-range; now, we're getting into something that's a little bit better. When you have chickens that are allowed to run around and eat things in the environment, such as grass and bugs, they're a lot happier and they're a lot healthier. The same with cows; when they're allowed to run around and eat what they naturally would eat in nature - grass as opposed to corn and wheat - they're a lot healthier. And when we eat those healthy happy animals, we actually gain the benefits, so it's not just about eating more fat, it's about eating better healthier fat and meat.

So, it's really important that we get the right amount of protein, the right amount of fat. We don't have to give up that healthy tasteful flavorful part of the chicken in order to have something that's so-called ‘healthy’. The old thinking, the way that the government used to talk to us, the old ideas behind nutrition, all those are going away and we're realizing more and more with all the research that's coming out that it's better and better to make sure that we have that balance of healthy fat and adequate amounts of protein.

All right. Hope that helped. If you want more information on these ideas and what nutrients are good for you and what nutrient balance you need to have and what things you probably should avoid, check out my books by going to to get more information.

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