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The Importance Of High Quality Supplements

All right. So, today, our presentations on why do I need high quality supplements to be healthy or lose weight? I mean, I eat healthy, right, do I really need those? So, what we’re going to talk about is why supplements are important for your healthy weight loss, why all most every single weight loss and health expert suggest that supplementation of some form or other is absolutely critical for this to happen the right way.

All right. So, why is this important? Well, a lot of people, everybody, is trying to make these great efforts to change their eating habits, to change what food they’re getting, the exercise that they do, their behavioural habits overall but just like home renovation, you need a lot of really high-quality materials in order to fix the house and when you’re trying to renovate your body, you need to do the same thing – provide really high-quality materials to renovate the body. So, the first thing is, how you feel when you’re making a change in your lifestyle, in making a change in your habits of how you eat and how you exercise, how you feel plays a great deal of role in how successful you’re going to be and how long you’re going to continue this. I mean, if you feel like crap when you do something, you’re not going to continue it for very long. I mean, if you’re always tired, if you’re always fatigued, if you’re always hurting, if you’re always hungry, if you’re always having cravings, then no matter what you do, no matter how good or healthy you think that behaviour is or that food is or that exercise is, you’re not going to get the benefit out of it if you don’t feel well when you do it, OK?

So, the first reason to supplement is there are a lot of brain chemicals that are used in making us happy and healthy and when we take up a lot of materials for rebuilding our body or we limit the stuff that’s coming in by limiting how much food we’re getting overall, that can be a big problem and that signals our brain that something is going wrong, OK? So, we want to make sure that we’re giving enough nutrients to the brain so that it can make the happy brain chemicals that make us feel good. So, “hey, maybe I’m tired a little bit but man, I feel really good, right, I feel really energetic with that exercise”. “Man, maybe am a little bit hungry but I feel pretty good, I feel like I’ve got a lot more energy than I did, now I’m really happy doing what I’m doing”, it makes a huge difference in how you continue to do things and how successful you feel doing them. So, it’s not just important to succeed but it’s important to feel am I being successful and that goes to down to our brain chemistry which has to be based on what nutrients are we getting in our body and that’s where those supplements come in. When we’re making a big transition and we change the type of foods that we’re eating, sometimes we don’t make that transition perfectly, right, it takes some time to go from eating unhealthily to eating healthy or to figuring out which foods have the things we need on a regular basis. So, during that transition time, the supplementation is absolutely critical, so that’s one of the first reasons why I think that supplementation is one of the most important things that you can do for your body, for your health, for your weight loss.

So, when you start changing your diet, a lot of people are trying to figure out how are they going to eat; “am I going to do low fat, am I going to do low carb, am I getting enough protein?” So, if you get low carb, what happens? Oh my god, you feel tired, you feel fatigued, you feel hungry, you’re having cravings, you feel awful. And if you’ve ever been around anybody who’s on a low carb diet, you don’t want to be around them after two or three days, they’re crabby and you’re like “just eat a snickers bar for God’s sake”. And if you’re low fat, same thing happens, if you’re low protein, same thing happens. If you’ve ever watched the survival shows where they haven’t eaten meat in a few days, they start getting crabby and snapping at each other and so forth because that’s what we need, we need these things. So, those are the macronutrients that oftentimes we’re not getting enough of but we’re also missing a lot of micronutrients that go along with them. Supplementation helps to replace those micronutrients. When we feel better, we also make better choices. When we make better choices, guess what, we end up eating better and we end up exercising better. So, not only do we feel better, but we actually make good choices that allow us to make good decisions about what we’re going to do.

Now, when we’re talking about getting healthy, we also want to maximize our muscle building and maximize our fat burning machinery; you can’t do that without the right vitamins and minerals around for all those enzymes in the body that help you build muscle and burn fat. If we’re not getting enough to eat, if we’re not getting enough from our food, we have to get it from supplementation and as we make a transition, remember, what we get in our food is only good enough for right now, what we need at this very moment. It doesn’t have anything to do with the last 20 30 40 years of our life that we now have to make up for and fix all the damage, all the bad stuff that’s been built or done to our body over that time. So, not only do we have to eat healthy for now, but we also have to have enough nutrition for right now and to fix the problems and damage of the past. So, let me take this example a little bit farther. If you’re doing a home renovation project, you want to put some paint on the walls, you want to maybe rewire the house and do some things. You start tearing up the walls and you start finding out that the guy before you did all kinds of weird stuff with the wiring, he did all kinds of weird stuff with the plumbing and now you’ve got to pay for all those things to be fixed before you can get back to the thing that you originally wanted to do, which was change the wiring and paint the walls. So, it’s the same with our body; you’re not just going to fix what’s on the surface – what’s going on right now – you want to fix everything that’s come before so that you get to a point where you’re healthy and that’s the mistake a lot of people make is they’re eating for just this moment and they’re not eating to make up for the problems before and that’s where supplementation becomes absolutely critical. Not to mention, it also helps us prepare for what’s coming ahead, so it helps us deal with damage and stress that’s coming down the line. So, we’re fixing right now, what came in the past and what’s coming ahead.

So, a great example of this. A lot of ladies are talking about, “how do I get my skin to smooth out? I got a lot of loose skin, I’ve lost a little bit of weight, my skin is not tight, it doesn’t look that great, what do I do?” So, just like with the house example, if you got a bunch of wood and you cut it into the right lengths and you set it up as a new wall and you let it go, it’s kind of floppy, it just falls over. You have to have nails and glue and screws to hold that wood together to actually make a wall, to make it look like what you want it to be. And the same thing goes for our body, when it comes to our skin, when it comes to our soft tissues, to make things have the shape that we want them, we have to have the nails and the screws and the glue to hold things together tightly. What’s that? OK, so the wood in the walls is just like the collagen in our skin and the collagen is a protein that comes from the Mino acids from the protein we eat in our diet. But the nails and the screws and the glue are things like vitamin C. and zinc that we get from our food but also from our supplementation and that’s what gives us the shape that we want.

All right. So, just as a recap. Most important thing that you need to think about is, “do I need supplementation?” and the answer is probably yes, if you’re trying to transform your body, if you’re trying to get healthier, if you’re trying to lose weight, all of those things require that you do supplement on a regular basis with some really high-quality vitamins.

All right. So, if you like that, please share it. Check out to look for more tips in my new book, “Silence your Fat Gene”.

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