• Mohammad A. Emran, MD

3 Distractions We Use To Cheat Ourselves From Weight Loss

Hey, everybody, good to see you all again. Today, we’re going to talk about three distractions we use that cheat ourselves from health. so, let’s be honest here, every year we all try to lose weight, we all try to get healthier, we make these commitments, people do these new year’s resolutions and they start and they’re really excited and they’re really committed and they’ve written down goals and they’ve gotten a gym membership and they’ve gotten a new workout outfit and all this stuff and then nothing. So, what’s happening? What’s happening?

So, what we’re going to talk about is those or tricks that our brain uses to distract us from what really needs to be done and you have to be aware of those in order to be able to avoid them. So, first, have you ever asked yourself, what’s the best diet I should be on to lose weight? What’s the best exercise program I should be doing to lose weight? Have you ever asked somebody or “what’s the best gym I should go to, to be able to do a good workout or who’s the best trainer? Have you ever asked, what are the best supplements I should be taking or the best weight loss pills? Or my favorite, have you ever asked anybody, what are the best running shoes? Unless you’re a competitive runner, it doesn’t matter. So, all of these things, what they all have in common is they are details, they are details. So, that’s the first distraction, all the details that get in the way.

The second is forgetting what the goal is. The goal is for us to be healthy, the side effect of that goal the side of being healthy is looking fitter, looking thinner, losing weight. OK, so if we’re not focused on the actual goal, which is to be healthy, we’ll never get the side effect of losing weight. The problem is we all focus on the weight; how do we look, one of the results I’m getting as I look at myself and we completely forget that it doesn’t matter how much weight we have, we can actually be healthy and fit and reduce our risk for health problems so that we live long enough to see those results on the outside.

All right. And the third, if you’re looking at asking questions in your own mind about “what equipment do I need? What clothes do I need to get fit, work out and do things? How much time is this going to take? Oh, what’s the money going to be like for getting healthy, getting fit, losing weight? How much energy do I have?” Again, you’re getting into all the details that your brain is bringing up all these things to make the process more complicated than it has to be. This is because our brain is built to keep things on even keel. You’ve probably heard the term ‘homeostasis’ before; the body likes to be the same, it doesn’t want to change temperature, it doesn’t want to change your shape, your weight, anything. You don’t want to be extra tired, you don’t want things to change, your brain wants to keep things exactly the same. So, these are tricks that your brain plays on you to keep you from doing what you know you need to be doing.

All right. So, just to recap. If you’re getting into the woodwork with all the details of what should I be buying, where should I be going, what exercise, what food? All of those things, you’re getting into the details. Forget the details, you have to master the core, which is eating, getting your vegetables in, getting your fruits in, getting your protein, get rid of processed foods. If you’re doing that and you’re doing it perfectly, then great, now it’s time to start going to those details because now, if you’ve done those and you’re getting great results, great, you don’t have to worry about any of those things. If you’ve done those things and you’ve done well for a while and you’ve plateaued, now you can start using those details, those tricks to get you a little bit farther along. The details equal distractions. Details equal distractions. It’s kind of like, you’ve heard of people losing the forest for the trees? This is like taking the leaves off the tree; you can take a leaf, put it right over each eye and you can’t see anything anymore and that’s exactly what those details do to you, they make you lose the trees and the forest for the leaves, so don’t get into that.

And remember, perfect is the enemy of good. You’ve got to get started, you’ve got to do something before you can get better at it. You can’t get perfection before you’ve even started doing anything. So, if you like those hints, please make sure to visit, get a copy of the book, it will give you all those things so you don’t have to think about what are those details and get you started the right way on your health progress and your weight loss.

I’ll see you at the next video.

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