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Here's Why You're Failing To Get Results

I want to share with you some ways of thinking about your health and weight loss that is different than what some others may have told you in the past.

I recently ran across a support group for people using phentermine for weight loss. Phentermine (which was the basis for the drug fen-phen) is an amphetamine that boosts metabolism to help with weight loss. It is a dangerous drug that caused issues in a significant number of people. And, as with every other medication, when you use it, you get a result. But as soon as you stop, the weight. Anyhow, what blew my mind was that this support group of people using this dangerous drug was 33,000 members strong!

So, for a temporary benefit, you could potentially put your health at extreme risk by using phentermine.

Fen-phen is banned in the United States. As a matter of fact, if someone is selling it to you, then they are doing something illegal. We had a business here in Corpus Christi that was advertising it everywhere. They had purchased it from Mexico where it was still legal and selling it with false promises and not informing customers on the health risks. Eventually, they got shut down and are in a lot of trouble right now.

So, what am I getting at here? Basically, are you doing something well, something that supports your health, or are you doing something unhealthy trying in an attempt to find the easy way? Doing something unhealthy to lose weight is not ok!

It’s like trying to find a shortcut through the bad part of town.

Four Tips on Weight Loss

#1: How do your clothes fit?

If your clothes are fitting better, it doesn’t matter what the scale says; you are losing weight. And vice versa!

#2: Are you doing something healthy for you?

If you are doing something unhealthy, I guarantee you’ll end up paying for it!

#3: How does it make you feel?

If it makes you feel awful, quit doing it, because you’re eventually going to quit anyhow. Keep in mind that the beginning for anything might be a bit tough. You have to go through a period of adjustment. But if after that time, you always feel awful or a certain exercise always hurts, then its not for you.

#4: Do you know that there are a LOT of tools for weight loss?

I love sharing weight loss tools including techniques, methods, science, explanation on why and how things work, etc. BUT…tools by themselves do very little. You can have a hammer and a saw, but they won’t build you a house will they? It’s the person that picks up those tools and has the know-how to build the house.

It’s the same thing with weight loss. A diet, exercise program, and supplements are tools that you can use in the process. You need to focus on using the right tools in the right combination and at the right time…for YOU! And you have to be consistent with using the right tools to see results.

BONUS TIP: Make realistic and measurable plans and goals. What’s an example of an unrealistic goal? Well, imagine saying that you are going to get up tomorrow and never eat dessert for the rest of your life. Or that you are going to exercise every day. Well, what happens if you get sick and don’t make to the gym, or the gym closes. The psychological impact of wrenches in any plan with unrealistic goals causes us to lose momentum. Avoid grand plans. Plan small and achievable goals.

Well, that’s it for now! Hopefully, these things help you discover what you’ve been missing so that you can get closer to achieving your goals.

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Dr. Emran is the best selling author of: Fast Track Your Health: The Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss & Silence Your Fat Gene

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Hi, Dr. Emran here and we want to share with you some ways of thinking about your health, your weight loss that may be a little bit different than what other people have done in the past.

The first thing I wanted to start up, I was on Facebook recently and I ran across a support group for people doing weight loss using Phentermine. If you're not familiar with Phentermine, it's a medication that is an amphetamine, essentially, that boost your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Now, you probably haven't heard me talk about it before and the reason that I haven't talked about it before other than to say probably negative things about it, is because that it's actually a very dangerous medication and it's been proven to cause pretty serious irreversible health problems and people who use it. Does it cause a problem for everybody? Well, no, but it causes a problem in a significant number of people, enough people that it's not even worth using it. And further, just like every other weight loss medication, when you use it, you get a result and the minute you stop using it, the weight comes back.

So, for a temporary benefit, you potentially put your health at extreme risk and that's using Phentermine. You may have heard in the past “Phen-phen”, it's banned in the United States, if somebody’s selling it to you here in the United States, they're actually doing something that's illegal. And recently, we had actually a business here in Corpus Christi that was using this for weight loss and they were advertising on TV, they were advertising on the radio, they were making a bundle because people were like “oh my God, they're advertising this and they're promising these excellent results”. And then you're going there and they were selling you a version of the medication that they got from Mexico or from somewhere else where it was still legal and they were selling, essentially, an illegal substance in the United States with a promise that was not true and a health risk that they weren't completely disclosing and they got shut down and they got in a lot of trouble. So, it drives me absolutely crazy when people promoting something and surprisingly, that support group had 33,000 followers, which means there's a whole lot of people. If that's how many followers they had that were the people that liked and followed that page, I mean that blows my mind that there's that many people who were willing to actually follow this on Facebook not knowing the health risks that it provided them.

So, what am I getting at with this? The big point here, the big philosophy behind this, are you doing something well, are you doing something that supports your health or are you trying to find the easy button? There's a difference between finding things that straighten the road and trying to take a shortcut. So, not taking a bunch of turns and finding the highway, that's okay but trying to find a shortcut through the bad part of town, is not okay. So, when you talk about anything that you're gonna do for your health or for your weight loss, always make sure that you're doing it well, not doing it easy. It's not about easy, it's about doing it well.

Second thing, second philosophy I want to share with you guys is, there are three ways to know that you're doing things right when it comes to weight loss. Number one, how are your clothes fitting? If your clothes are fitting better and better, they're looser and looser, then I don't care what the scale says, you're losing fat. If you're doing things and your clothes are fitting better, if your clothes are getting tighter, I don't care if the scale says that you've lost weight, it means that you're losing muscle and you're gaining fat if your clothes are tighter, that's not a good thing. So, it doesn't matter what the scale says, if your clothes are fitting better, then you're probably heading the right direction. Number two, going back to the point I just made; are you doing things that are healthy for you? It doesn't matter what results you're getting, if you're doing something that's unhealthy, you're eventually gonna pay for alright. And number three, how do you feel when you're doing this? If you're doing something that's healthy, remember in some of my other videos, we talked about the ketogenic diet, we talked about intermittent fasting, if you do that and you feel awful doing it, quit doing it, because chances are, you're gonna quit doing it anyway. Now, there are time periods we all know that when we start doing ketogenic, the first few days or when we start fasting, the first couple of days, we're always gonna have a period of withdrawal from sugar, carbs, we're gonna have a period of adjustment but after that normal period of adjustment that we expect for everybody, if you still feel awful eating a particular way, doing a particular kind of exercise, you hurt every time you do this, then maybe it's not the right thing for you and it's not sustainable.

Now, the next thing I want you guys to understand is there are a lot of tools out there for weight loss. We share a lot; I give out a lot of tools, when we're talking about weight loss, I will give you all kinds of techniques and methods and science and why this works and how this works and these are all tools. Tools by themselves do very little, tools by themselves do very little. You could have a hammer and you can have a saw and you can have all kinds of things but they don't build the house. It’s the person who picks up those tools and has the knowhow that actually builds the house and it's the same thing with your health, it's the same thing with your weight loss. If you have all these tools, whether it's a diet, an exercise program, a supplement, those things by themselves are not going to achieve health or weight loss for you. Those things are tools that you can use in the process to get to healthy weight loss but you have to use the right tools, you have to use them in the right combinations and the right time and that's what we're trying to help teach you or get you to discover for yourself.

Now, when we talk about these tools, we have a lot of them, there's a lot of tools out there. You can open up the internet and search for ‘diet’ and you will come up with hundreds, if not millions, of articles on the subject. You can talk about ‘exercise’ and you'll come up with a million supplements, you’ll come up with millions of them, and what makes the difference is taking action. So, those little actions that you take on a regular basis; a supplement doesn't help you if you don't take it; a diet doesn't help you if you don't stick to it, you don't do it; exercise doesn't work if you're only there once a week and you don't do it the rest of the days. So, all of the things that we think about to help our health and our weight loss, if you don't do them, if you don't take actions, then you're not going to make any progress.

The next idea or the next concept I want you guys to remember is that we oftentimes have plans and there are all-or-nothing plans, the plans are so big you say “I'm never gonna eat sweets again” or “I'm never gonna do this again” or “I'm gonna go exercise every single day”. These big big plans are almost doomed to fail you because you can't act on that big a plan right away. So, you can have that as a goal, an eventual goal, “that in a year from now, I'm not going to be having dessert every day”, well, that's a reasonable goal to set. But you say, “starting tomorrow, I'm never gonna have dessert again”, that's a ridiculous goal, it's not gonna happen because the first day that you break that rule, your whole goal and plan has just gone out the window and then what's the point in following it. Psychologically, that's what happens; if you say “I'm going to exercise every single day” and then tomorrow, you get sick, you get injured, the gym is closed, oh well, you just broke your chain, you're not going to keep going. So, you have to be more realistic and you have to act in accordance with the goals that you set. So, if if you're planning on something at one year, then your actions to get to that goal have to be measurable to get to that goal. So, these are just some ideas, some ways to think about weight loss and your health that hopefully, helps you to begin to discover what things may have been missing that can help you get to your results a little bit faster.


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