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Have You Ever Been Judged For Lack Of Results?

We’re going to continue our series on the Keto diet and intermittent fasting.

But first, I want to share something that I know other people are going through. Not only do many people find that weight loss is difficult, that it is hard finding the right diet, and hard sticking with an exercise routine. But the people that give us advice can often seem a bit judgmental.

Have you been judged for your diet or your weight by your doctor or by some other health practitioner that you’ve seen? Comment below, let’s talk about it.

Now this judging thing…I knew that people experienced it, but I didn’t realize how common it was and how quickly some people can just jump to conclusions. Good advice on weight loss doesn’t work the same for everybody.

Sometimes you get advice, try things out, but then you don’t get the results. And what’s worst is that when you go back to that person and say, “Hey, this didn’t work for me,” then they may question your honesty, thinking that you haven’t told them the truth about your efforts or lack of effort. Or maybe they might say that you just “didn’t do it right.”

Well, it happened to us. My wife and I got some good advice from a health professional but didn’t see any results. At our follow-up, we were made to feel that it was completely unacceptable that we didn’t get the expected results. And we were belittled (me, a doctor, and my wife, a pharmacist!) for our honesty, for having questions about the method, and for not getting good results.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your background, your education…some people or so stuck on what’s right in their minds and on their recommendations that they just can’t see what isn’t working for you.

These people either end up driving you away or saying that you aren’t focusing on the positive aspects of their method. But I mean, it’s only so far that positive thinking and imagination can take ya’! You’ve gotta’ see results to justify sticking with any method.

Being judged on your weight loss journey is not fair! And it is not your fault. We often do all the things we are supposed to and still don’t get results.

Well, I’m not here to judge you, to tell what you did wrong, what should’ve worked, etc. I want to help you work through your challenges, support you, help you navigate to find the things that do work for you and (hopefully) help keep you uplifted when others are being judgmental and negative.

Cause maybe the things that worked for other people just didn’t work with you, and that’s OK!

So, tell me about your experience. How were you judged, fairly or unfairly? And how did you deal with the situation? Also, what advice would you give someone else that was in that situation?

I look forward to supporting you on your weight loss journey!

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Hi everybody and we're continuing our series on the Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting. But before I get back into talking about intermittent fasting, I wanted to share with you guys an experience and kind of feel out what everybody's gone through in their life. Because I know a lot of people have told me that one of the hardest things they've had to deal with is not just the fact that weight loss for some is so difficult, finding the right diet is difficult sometimes, sticking with it is difficult, exercising can be difficult. But worse than that, is the people who are oftentimes giving advice, they sometimes seem to be judgmental and a lot of us have been judged for things that we've done or things that we haven't done, who we are or where we're from. And so, I have a question for you guys; have you ever been judged for your health or for your weight by either your doctor or some specialist that you were seeing or some practitioner that you were seeing? I mean, I didn't realize how common it was, I mean I knew it happened but until me and my family actually experienced it, it wasn't clear how common it actually was and how quickly people jumped to conclusions about what's going on in somebody's life and what caused their problems.

So, one of the things that that bothers me even more is that even when people give good advice and that advice doesn't necessarily work for everybody, you do exactly what they say and you don't get the results. So now, the question is what do you say to them? Do you say to them “yeah, I did exactly what you told me and it didn't work” and then they question your honesty? Or do you say “well, you know, maybe I didn't do it all the way” and then they still feel that their one method is the right way but you just didn't do it right? So, it creates a kind of this dilemma. And so, recently, we had a situation where we experienced this, where we had been giving advice on something for health for our family and we did it exactly and we didn't see the results the way that we expected to see them. And when we went back to follow up, we were shocked that not only was it not acceptable that we didn't get the results, it wasn't acceptable that we were honest about it or that we had questions about it and we were belittled, as me as a doctor and my wife as a pharmacist. So, it goes to show you that it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, what your education is, how well you stick to something, a lot of people are so so stuck on their idea of what's right, on their ideas of their recommendations to you, that they can't see how it could possibly not work. And when it doesn't, they either drive you away, complaining that you didn't do it right, or saying “you're just not seeing the positive here”. Well, there's only so far that positive thinking and imagination can take you, right, you've got to see results.

So, what I want to do is by talking about this, I want to get you guys to talk about your experiences where you were judged by somebody, fairly or unfairly, and what you did, how you dealt with that situation, what things you would recommend to other people when they find themselves in that situation, what to do. And because it's an uncomfortable situation to be in, it's not fair and it's not your fault and oftentimes, we do a lot of the stuff that we're told to do and it simply doesn't work. So, I want to reassure you guys that that's not what we're about here. We're not about judging you, I'm not here to judge you or tell you that you're bad or wrong or anything that you've done should have worked or would have worked if you'd only done this. We're giving you advice, we're trying to help you find what works for you and help you through those challenges, those areas where things that we may have said or other people have told you or things that have worked for other people, maybe aren't working for you and that's okay. We're here to support you to find the things that do work for you.

So, please feel free to share your experiences ask your questions and we're going to be here to help you navigate through all those things and hopefully, keep you uplifted even when others are being judgmental or negative and so forth.

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