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Confused About What Diet Program To Use?

Have you ever been confused about what diet or exercise program to use? Want to know why somethings work for one person but not the next? Watch (or read on) to learn more!

Dr. Emran, should I do the Keto diet? Or maybe Paleo? I heard that *insert random name here* was doing Paleo.

This question is one that I get asked ALL the time. Everybody struggles as they try and find what will work for them. You may see someone doing Keto or Paleo, and they…are…CRUSHING IT! But then it doesn’t work for someone else. Or maybe they love it, but you hate it because you’re hangry all the time. So, how do we actually make a choice?

The thing to remember is that all of these things, these diets, these exercises, are just tools in a toolbox. It’s not just the tool that’s going to get us to lose weight or better health.

So, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind…

Make a plan!

Every year at my hospital they have a weight loss challenge. And people jump and say “I want to do the challenge” without having a real concrete goal in mind. They don’t write anything down, have a specific number, or make any sort of plan. Unsurprisingly, they either not come back, haven’t been consistent, haven’t gotten results, all because they hadn’t made a plan. It’s just like building a house, imagine building a house without a blueprint. Same thing here…you have to have a plan!

Use more than one tool!

Building anything with one tool is hard! So, say you try Keto, and it works for you, then maybe it’s the right diet for you but it *is* just one tool. What exercise program will you be using? Who will be your accountability partner? What supplements are you going to use? All of these things are tools that you put in a toolbox to help you succeed. Just think about it. A hammer alone cannot build a house. So, you are going to need several tools to help you put you achieve your weight loss goals.

Be consistent!

You can’t just jump from one thing to the next. You have to give time for something to work. Whatever you do has to be something sustainable for not just a month or two, but six months and more! That’s why it’s important to choose goals and tools that you can keep up with.

So, in a nutshell, having a plan, having plenty of tools in your toolbox to help you achieve that plan, and that you are consistent in your plan and with using your tools. The most common problems people have with weight loss is that focus on one of these key areas is missing.

Hope that helps! If you want details on how to set a plan, get the right tools, and be consistent, check out my books at These resources will give you a lot of detail on how to successfully lose weight by focusing on these key points.

Dr. Emran is the award-winning author of: Fast Track Your Health: The Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss & Silence Your Fat Gene

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Hi, Dr Emran here, the bestselling author of Fast-Track Your Health: The Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss and Silence Your Fat Gene.

And today, I wanted to ask you, have you ever been confused about which diet you should be using or which exercise program you should be on? I mean, I get asked this all the time, you know, “hey, should I do the ketogenic diet?” I mean, “hey, you know, everybody's doing keto, should I be doing that?” I mean, “aye, I saw you were doing videos on keto, should I be doing that? Is that okay for me?” And you know, other people say, “well, you know, should I be doing paleo because I heard so and so I was doing paleo?” And this is a struggle that everybody goes through, everybody’s trying to find the answers that are right for them and it's incredibly frustrating because there's so much information and you're seeing one person doing, you know, as my friend Andrew said, is they'll be doing Paleo and they're absolutely crushing it or they're doing ketogenic and they're absolutely crushing it and other people are completely failing with it, you know, they're struggling with it, they feel awful with it, they’re hangry all the time. So, how do you decide is this the right thing for you?

So, I want to give you a way of thinking about this because it's really important to understand what are the things that are going through our minds when we're trying to pick these things and how do we actually make a choice? So, the thing to remember is all of these things, these diets, these exercises, these are all just tools, these are all just tools in a tool box and it's that that's going to get us to weight loss or better health. So, there's a few important things you need to keep in point. Number one, you have to have a plan. That means you have to have a goal where you want to go. A lot of people enter into a weight loss stress, every year at my hospital we have a weight loss challenge and people go into it just thinking “I just want to lose weight” or “I just want to be healthier” and they have no real concrete goal in mind, they don't write anything down, they don’t have a specific number and so it's not surprising that by the end, a lot of people have either not come back, they haven't been consistent, they haven't returned, they haven’t gotten success and they really haven't gotten anywhere with what they were planning on in the first place, because they didn't have a plan. So, the first thing is you have to have a plan. It's just like building a house; if you don't have a blueprint, you don’t have a plan of what you're going to build, it's really hard to build that, it’s just kind of putting up a house from scratch, it’s kind of hard to do.

The second thing is, it's kind of hard to build anything with one tool. So, when we're talking about diet, which diet should you do, “should I do Tito”? Well, maybe it's right for you but that's just one tool. What are the other things you're going to do? What exercise program are you going to go on? What supplements are you going to take? How are you going to think about this? Who's going to keep you on track when you have a problem? Who are you going to go to as a resource? All these things are tools that you can put in your tool box to help you succeed but if you just have a hammer, building a house is still impossible; so, one tool does not build a house. So, just keep that in mind. When you're going through a weight loss challenge or a health challenge, having one tool isn’t going to do it for you; you gotta have a plan and you've got to have several tools in your toolbox to help you get where you want to go.

And finally, you gotta be consistent. You can't be on one thing one week and then you see the next thing come along and then you jump to that and then the next thing comes along and you jump to that, you've got to be consistent, you’ve got to give time for something to work - a decent amount of time - and then you've got to make sure that this is something that's potentially sustainable over time; so, it's not just something that you're going to do for a month, it's something that not only can you do for a month but you can potentially do for three, four, five, six months of time and still keep up with it.

So, having a plan, making sure you have plenty of tools in your toolbox that help you achieve that goal or that plan and that you're consistent with it on a regular basis.

Now, the most common problems that people run into is they're not consistent or they don't have all the tools that they need or they simply fail the plan from the beginning. So, don't fall into those traps, make sure that you get those plans. Now, to get more information and more detail on how to actually do those things, to set a plan, to get the right tools and to be consistent, check out my books. You can go to, pick up the books and they will go take you through a lot of detail on how to actually accomplish that.

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