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Hi there! My name is Dr. Mohammad Emran. I’m a general and pediatric surgeon, best-selling author, public speaker and educator, and weight loss expert…


And I would like to share with you a secret…


This is a secret that took me nearly a decade to uncover while helping hundreds of adults (…as well as adolescents) overcome obesity.


…And as much as I hate to say it, this was a secret that even I was unaware of most of my professional life as a doctor until I stumbled across it in a desperate attempt to discover why so many of my patients were failing to lose weight and keep it off.


What I’m talking about here has everything to do with weight loss and the obesity epidemic we are currently seeing in, not just the US, but the world today. And I’m NOT talking about the old standard advice of “oh just eat less, and you’ll lose more” either! (…this can actually have negative affect on losing weight… but that’s for another time.)


What I’m talking about is significant, life changing, and long lasting weight loss where you lose 30, 40, even 60 lbs. or more of stubborn excess body fat, drop several sizes in your clothes, boost your metabolism and energy levels, and increase your mental clarity… all without having to starve yourself or do some crazy joint-busting workout routine.


Now I can understand that you may be skeptical. You’ve probably tried several different weight loss programs before and are sick and tired of not seeing results… and you don’t feel like anything will work for you, but give me a chance to explain. I’ve been involved in helping individuals lose significant weight and radically transform their lives for nearly two decades.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m a general and pediatric surgeon, best-selling author, public speaker and educator, and weight loss expert…


…as well as the founder of SpringCure, a health and weight loss company dedicated to providing adults struggling with weight loss the information and support they need to lose weight, build a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy life to the fullest.


It all started in…

The "Fattest City In America"

In 2010, Corpus Christi, Texas was said to be the fattest city in America by Men’s Health Magazine. If you didn’t know, I live in Corpus Christi so that was kind of a BIG DEAL. I was there when city leaders including city council members, business leaders, health care leaders, and concerned community activists gathered at our children’s hospital to declare that the message had bee received load and clear as well as announce that a big effort would be put in place to change things.


Fast-forward a few years and there were several new gyms and weight loss centers across the city, and hundreds, if not thousands, of people had gone through weight loss surgery…


…and guess what happened?




We were, again, labeled the fattest city in America in 2015.

But… it turns out we are NOT alone. The plight of Corpus Christi is just the same as many other cities and more importantly the struggle of the people in Corpus is the same struggle faced by millions in the US and abroad.


Every day nearly 1000 people die in the US due to obesity related complications. People exercises, diet, take medications, and have surgeries but still… the epidemic continues.


As a pediatric surgeon specializing in helping children with obesity, I saw first hand with my patients and their families the pain and frustration caused by this problem. Many of these families fall into a perpetual cycle of worsening health and pain with seemingly no hope of ever getting out of it.

Hitting the "Weight Loss Wall"


One of the medical industry’s strategies to fighting obesity is the prescription of weight loss surgery. This is something that I’ve been involved with personally as a surgeon specializing in weight loss but have grown to avoid as much as possible over the years except for in extreme circumstances.


Several years ago, I noticed that a lot of patients who went through weight loss surgery were not getting the results we were looking for. Even those who initially showed great signs of success with weight loss surgery would end up back in my office after some time having regained their weight… and many times, they had put on even more excess body fat than they had prior to their surgery.


As their doctor, you could probably guess that this was pretty disappointing. I’d done everything by the book and things were not working like they were supposed to.


This initially led me to believe that the patients must be doing something wrong on their end.


You see… weight loss surgery candidates usually have to meet certain requirements displaying their seriousness about their health prior to approval for surgery. However, most of the time, people end up opting for weight loss surgery only as a last resort. They’re usually in a position were they’ve exhausted other options and are in desperate need to do something fast in order to avoid a major health disaster.


I thought, this obviously explains how patients were able to lose weight in the beginning in order to qualify for surgery and then regain it back afterwards. The immediate threat to their health was like someone having a gun to their head telling them that, “If you don’t do lose weight now, you’re going to die.”


… or so I thought.


After coming to this conclusion, I began spending a lot of time and attention working with patients before and after surgery trying to prevent them from regaining their weight back. At first, I was very confident that I had solved my problem. I was telling them what to eat, how much to eat, what activities they should be doing, and so on. Most patients were great and did everything I told them to do.

… but a strange thing kept happening.


Even though they were just about perfect at doing everything I asked of them, they were still struggling to lose weight. Weeks would go buy with no significant results.


Yea, we’d lose a pound here one week and then maybe 1/2 a pound there another week… then nothing the next. Some weeks they’d gain a pound back. But it just seemed to go on like that with them working very hard doing seemingly everything right… only to see NO real results.


It was really quite frustrating… even for me. They had plenty of excess body fat to lose. You’d think the weight would be melting off in the tens of pounds each week based on their routines.

At this point, I kind of started to panic a little!


You know that feeling you getting when all of a sudden your world is turned upside down and the rules you understand the universe to work by no longer apply?


Well… I was having one of those moments and one of those feelings.


I started turning to different doctors and surgeons for council on what to do. Most of them told me to “just do another procedure” or to “do more follow up.” This didn’t help much because I’d already tried those things. After telling them that, I mostly got funny looks or blank stares.


I guess they had a tough time wrapping their heads around the idea of me telling them that a surgery or pill wasn’t the answer.

Discovering The "Fat Gene"


As I was struggling with a surgical and medical community that was arguing about the role and benefits of different weight loss procedures, surgeries, and medications, I was still working with dozens of families trying to figure out a solution.


One day, I was speaking to one of my patients who had gone through weight loss surgery a while back. She was eating healthier than ever before and was exercising regularly but still couldn’t lose weight effectively. This was maddening to me because everything I had learned in medical school wasn’t working and more frustrating to her because what we “knew” should work wasn’t working. Her frustration finally bubbled over one day when she said, “I think my fat gene is turned on and I can’t shut it off!”


Like a light switch, once I heard this… everything changed! It was like she stated something so obvious that I couldn’t believe no one had thought about it before.


Immediately, I began researching everything I could find on weight loss and specifically what the fat gene actually is and why its there. I meticulously studied every clinical study, program, diet, or exercise plan, and book I could get my hands on. I also started surrounding myself and studied with the most successful weight loss doctors, trainers, coaches, and subject thought leaders I could find picking their brains about weight loss.


What I found actually stunned me and changed the way I looked at obesity, weight gain and weight loss forever.


I learned how many of the currently accepted beliefs about dieting exercise and even surgery were all wrong and in many cases… were even unnecessary.


I also uncovered some of nature’s clever tricks to turn on and off the fat gene during certain times of the year that trigger our body’s to gain and lose weight as needed.


Initially I was very skeptical.


I mean… I had learned so little in medical school and residency about the causes and treatment of obesity, let alone anything about a fat gene. And all the so-called experts and mainstream diets and exercise programs were failing to make a dent in the obesity statistics. The more I researched and dug into the information about the obesity genes and what triggers them to turn on and what shuts them off, the more angry I became because I realized we’d all been put into a perpetual fat gaining cycle that was impossible to get out of with the traditional methods everyone uses.


It was very frightening in many ways but in some ways… also very encouraging.

I learned that not only did we all have the “Fat Gene,” we all have several of them and they’re in each and every cell of our body!


Certain foods, exposures, deficiencies and activities all can impact whether these genes get turned on or off. Once we know that we can turn our fat genes on like a light switch, it becomes possible to turn it off again.


I also learned that many of the solutions to silencing the fat gene were found in one particular season of the year… Spring.


That’s when I founded The SpringCure Foundation and started writing my first book…


…With the intention to empower adults struggling with obesity to overcome feelings of frustration and inadequacy…


…and achieve the weight loss, good health and vitality they desire and deserve by finding and sharing these hidden natural secrets to silencing their fat genes forever.

If you’ve tried several different weight loss diets and programs before…

…and are sick and tired of not seeing any results… and you don’t feel like anything will work for you…

I’ve got some GOOD NEWS! You’ve come to the right place…

Using my research, we’ve been working with individuals and their families and have created an entire program to help them learn which of these triggers are at work in their bodies and how they can stop them. Already we’ve compiled an impressive list of triggers for specific fat genes and how we can shut them down.


I’ve also written a new book (…which I just released) summarizing much of this research to give you the history and mechanisms behind how these triggers affect your body and how to begin defending against them. You can be one of the first to get your copy here: www.silenceyourfatgene.com


If you’re serious about finally losing weight and keeping it off, this is the place to start!


This Book Works For Anyone, Male or Female. It Doesn’t Matter What Age You Are Or How Much Weight You Wish To Lose…Whether It’s 20, 30, 40, Or Even 100 pounds!


Anyone Can Discover These Hidden Weight Gain Triggers..


Just cover the cost of shipping and I’ll send you my NEW book (…that retail’s for $14.95) for FREE.

And as a bonus, you will also get FREE access to my $29 Fast-Track Your Health online course.


In fact, if you don’t love the book – I’ll even refund your shipping costs (and you don’t have to ship the book back).


So, get your FREE copy now. You won’t regret it.


Here’s the link again: www.silenceyourfatgene.com


Thanks for taking the time learn more about my story. I hope you found this message to be inspiring and helpful.

I look forward to further helping you positively transform your body and life.


Yours in health and vitality,

-Dr. Emran

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